The island is a break during this journey of exploration into our feelings. My ideal pause is a real or symbolic island where the world seems to have stopped and everything moves with the same slowness of a boat left free on a calm sea. And everything pauses, thoughts, worries ... we let ourselves go with the same naturalness as when we were children.


Grembo means womb and it represents the warmth and comfort implicit in the mother symbol.

The flow of melodies that pervade the song seem to suggest a distant lullaby. 

In it there is the idea of everything that cyclically starts again, like the light that embraces all the album. The womb of a mother is, par excellence, the symbol of rebirth, renewal, life


When I compose this song I ordered to my fingers to become as imaginative and unpredictable as is the rain. For me, rain is one of the strongest expressions of life by the nature. I love the games of color and light it creates and the sound of the drops hitting the leaves, the earth, or the water. Rain is a kind of music played by countless drops, in my case, by countless fingers. 


It was conceived during my walks in my mountains, i Monti Sibillini. A place so inspiring and full of legends, where I can let my thoughts go; where I can see things from a different point of view; where I have a completely different perspective of the whole and where I feel I understand our Earth better.


It is a quote from Dante’s “La Divina Commedia,” meaning “new sun, new day”. It represents the sunrise that is my favorite time to compose, my favorite time at all. In it, I  can feel pulsating energy that brings a lot of positivity.

Actually, the dawn is the symbol of renewal, of everything that is living again, of a cyclical rebirth.


In Old English it means meadow but it is also a delicate name which could be that of a flower. Indeed it is a dainty and very soft piano song. It represents those moments when I pay attention to the little things of nature around me such as the rustle of grass, butterfly wings or a closed flower. And I keep my ear close to them to hear what they have to tell because they have a story, a beautiful story, that should be told.


It represents that sense of emotion we all, maybe, feel when we look back to our being of many years ago and we just tell ourselves  “look how I was”. 

The color, the light of this piece is like that of a family film, made with a Super 8MM, very simple, without complications or ambitions. 

It is a simple memory, a retrace of memories that often resurface and relive in me in a positive nostalgia


It is a simple, pure repeated melody that has a crucial meaning within the album. It came to me as an intuition of a future world, more harmonious, more peaceful, more spiritual than materialistic. The world I think we all want. And when you have such a vision, you absolutely feel the need to share it with your loved ones, to reassure them.