River Path was born in a precise place: the river that runs down the valley next to my home.   
Back from my excursions, I used to write down what I had perceived in a notebook of intimate music sketches.   
Little by little, those usual and necessary walks, turned into a personal reflection on the magical and symbolic force of the river. A force that has always inspired all kinds of artists: eternal becoming, the existential journey, the path of one’s life...    

Every Sunday, from December 8th, I will post on my Instagram Stories, in an exclusive premiere, the video clip of each song and it will be available only for 24 hours.    
Don’t miss it! I am waiting for you to walk together along the river and discover its endless and changing force. 



Beside the Spring (short version)  

Capotenna, Monti Sibillini - 1150 mt.  
Source of Fiume Tenna  

I’m always looking for reuniting with my own source: it is purity, life force, the mystery of birth, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The Faun's Dream (short version) 

 Slopes of Monte Priora - 1.128 mt.  

Only getting lost for a long time in nature, sometimes, in a magical moment, I manage to perceive its energy: everything breathes like a flute sound and, like children, I become nature again

Gleaming Flow (short version) 

Piane di Falerone - 433 mt.  

 I wish I could preserve that inexhaustible stream of youth, powered only by passions, that, with stubborn perseverance, never forgets its own goal.  
I protect it from the distractions of the outside world to let it flow and shine.

Path to Yourself (short version)  

Eremo di San Lorenzo – 1.128 mt.  

The way to your own destination is not always the most travelled: sometimes I get lost, sometimes I follow the wrong tracks and sometimes I come back. But I never stop looking for my path and walk it bravely.

Rolling Pebbles (short version)  

Laghetto dell’Infernaccio  - 1.050 mt.  

It is dreams that make life light and shiny like the wheel of the white pebbles

Sprite's Breeze (short version)  

San Ruffino, Amandola – 360 mt.  

The woods whispered to me That we are made of dreams. I am a dreamer and every rustle of the wind is the memory of the fairies who lived here.

Iridescent Sparks (short version)  

Parco Fluviale sul Tenna, Sant'Elpidio a Mare - 247 mt  

Everything around us is an explosion of miracles. Our own life is an endless series of little and silent miracles. We just have to welcome them.

The River Passes, yet The River Remains (short version)  

Molini di Tenna, Fermo - 212 mt  

It goes on, unceasingly like the flow of the river, of the time. We change, mature and constantly continue to remodel ourselves