I’m so grateful that you’re here, and so excited about where the Patreon space will lead us. 

In my intro video I have briefly summarized the essence of who I am, what inspires me and what I do (you can find much more on my social networks, of course). 

Now, I’m going to talk about what this  Patreon means to me and why I opened it. 

I have often asked myself the profound reason for creating any form of art: for me, it is certainly a primary necessity, like breathing. But then I realized that I create to communicate, to contact those with whom my music resonates. 

So I wanted to build a space where people can feel protected, safe and at ease, find inspiration, relief, knowledge, and most of all a sense of community, a small community of people that have a love of music in common: a place where I will talk to you freely about aspects of my daily life, of my music journey, joy and doubts behind any musical decisions; a place where I will share my interests, passions; a place where I hope (although I know you might not always be able to) you will interact with me by sending your feedback, comments… I want to hear your voice, it means a lot for me. 

My goal here is to be present, to share, to serve, which is truly the most connected way of being an artist. 

Many are the exclusive & personal content offered, hope you will find  the best perk for you.

Join me and  let’s get started… 

Much love,