moonlight recomposed

a tribute to the 250° anniversary of beethoven's birth

I could not end my 2020 without a tribute to Beethoven, a giant on whose works I spent endless hours of study. The album is divided into two groups of songs: "Light Shifting" set and "Moon Drifting" set. The "Light Shifting" ones are sketches created on short bass fragments taken from the Adagio Sostenuto of the Sonata, repeated in a loop, with a hypnotic and spectral tone. The "Moon Drifting" ones are again based on loops taken from the same source, but played by acoustic instruments, piano, and string quartet, performing a series of rigorous canons with an elegiac and romantic tone. I chose only 3 songs for each set for this album: it is in fact a work in progress, of vast proportions, who I expect to end in 2027 when the 200th anniversary of Beethoven's death will be celebrated. These 6 pieces are preceded by a Piano Song freely inspired by the Moonlight Sonata and followed by Beethoven's original Adagio Sostenuto, but proposed with contemporary sounds.

Composed together with my husband Enrico Belli and Released on December 2020 by 1631 Recordings

ocean voices

A 4 songs EP based on the bestseller book ”The Outlaw Ocean” by the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Ian Urbina.

This book shocked me: I was furious, I cried and I suffered in reading the horrors perpetrated on our seas to vulnerable and weak people. So I wanted to let them tell their stories by accompanying their voices with the music: what they said already encloses everything.

Composed together with my husband Enrico Belli and Released on October 2020 by Synesthesia Media

still blue

Still Blue, for Piano, String Orchestra and Electronics written for Christmas 2019.

Composed and Produced by me and my husband Enrico.
Cover conceived and hand-painted by our children Elena and Alessandro.

Our little gift to wish you a Christmas rich of cozy moments shared with your dears.

Released on December 2019

four moons

A tribute for the 50° Moon Landing Anniversary.

The First Man on the Moon is one of the most important events of the past century; people from all around the world joined together to assist at it without taking care of their cultural, political, religious differences. It was able to connect people from all around the world and to exceed the space limit connecting Earth to Moon. With this EP I celebrate the Moon - this mysterious “Lady” that keeps watching on us every night - in the four moon phases: waxing, full, waning and moonless. The warm mood of piano and strings is mixed with space sounds and space radio transmissions to create a balanced contrast between modern technology and inspirational state.


Composed together with my husband Enrico Belli and Released on July 2019

where night never comes remixes

The story behind the songs found on my Remixes is almost the same that inspired my debut album Where Night Never Comes but using intensive electronics (not so common in my genre) I manage to make it more vivid. It is as I wrote a screenplay for each track. My main goal with  Remixes was to be a musical storyteller: to make the movie scene enter in the music and not the music becomes a soundtrack.

Released on April 2019