INTERMUNDIA is out now via XXIM Records/Sony Music. 

It tells of eight places of silence and introspection where the veil between this world and the other is thin. My eight places of refuge where I see beyond things the spirit that shapes them. I wanted this album to be filled with the sense of wonder and ecstasy we feel at the beauty around us: beauty is a “thing”, it is material, but we see the ideal that has been embodied within and taken physical form. We are physical forms of an ideal, we are embodied with a spirit and therefore it is essential to rediscover and take care of our spiritual nature which is our most precious part.

SIBYL: This is the last song of my album Intermundia, the end of a journey which goes from darkness to light, from the gravity of material life to the bliss and perfection of the spiritual life. A journey that finds its maximum expression on my way to the top of Mount Sibilla which inspired this track.

The mountain has always embodied the symbol that creates the union between heaven and earth, a religious symbol both as a place of asceticism, where to find divinity, where rising to heaven means detaching oneself from earthly things. In their silence, we can grasp the sense of our smallness and the infinite dimension of our soul.

Respiro 3 : I wanted to add an unusual caption in the score for this small piece, also built on the harmonic procedure of the "Anime" and the other "Respiri": "puro e semplice", in Italian, so that the interpretation would also reflect the absolute spontaneity of inspiration for this melody. I suppose another memory of youth: the wonderful folk songs of Bela Bartok's “For Children”.

In and out, up and down. It is the rhythm of the breath that enters and exits. A rhythm, light and silent, that accompanies the day, time, life over time, pure and simple

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